When I work I focus on you, your immediate family, and the bridal party. Family portraits are very important for me to capture. For your special day everyone puts on their best for you, and they are all ready to put on their biggest smiles and celebrate that special day. I make sure that not only will you look great in the photos, but I pay attention to make sure that to the other people in the group photos will look great as well.

Why me? I have photographed hundreds of weddings, and I have the experience you are looking for.  I specialize in Wedding Photography. I have the talent and ability to communicate with people and make them relax in front of my camera and have fun.  I know the flow of the wedding day, and I realize that at times it can be stressful, but no worries. I will be there for you with the biggest smile photographing, creating images which later tell you the story of your wedding day. I want you to trust and believe in me and just enjoy your day.